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Gas utilities worldwide rely on GIS for maintaining, mapping, and reporting on utility infrastructure and millions of miles of pipes. With the mobile capabilities of GIS, field employees can easily move critical data to and from the office, keeping information up-to-date.

GIS-based planning and analysis allows gas utilities to assess and prioritize construction and maintenance activities, ensure regulatory compliance, complete risk and integrity analyses, and better understand customer needs.

Through GIS, utility asset data links directly to other key information providing situational awareness to proactively monitor work orders and emergency shutdowns, and to ensure public safety.

Gas Distribution

bullet Asset and Facility Management

bullet DIMP

bullet Engineering and Design

bullet Emergency Management

bullet Logistics and Workforce Management

bullet Land and Environmental Management

bullet Regulatory Compliance

bullet Regulatory Compliance


Gas Transmission

bullet Routing and Engineering

bullet Operations and Maintenance

bullet Integrity Management

bullet Regulatory Compliance

bullet Land and Environmental Management

bullet Enterprise Integration

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