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We're a Global Company with insanely High Standards.

Hardcastle GIS is a Global Geospatial Solution Provider who has a corporate office in New York, USA along with Sales Office in Pune, India and Sales Office in London, UK. Our primary focus is the agile development of Geospatial , Software Development , Data Analytics and mobile Application. We reduce development risk by offering rapid time-to-market while delivering standards-based software code that can be transitioned to an internal team anytime.

Our Process

We begin all new client new engagements with a full-immersion sprint, embedding our team with the client’s team, using our established methodology to emerge from that sprint with a deep understanding of the business case, how features need to align, and the role of the various stakeholders. From here our cross-functional team proceeds to software development, building products using agile methodology, with a focus on test-driven development, short development cycles and continuous integration.

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Our Values

Hardcastle Values


Today, Hardcastle solutions is deployed in more than 400+ Organziations, including the worlds largest ciites and most government bodies. We are always adapating new technologies and working on innovative products and solutions to give our client first movers advantage

Hardcastle Values


We're committed to serving our users and customers. We seek a deep understanding of their challenges and opportunites, and work together towards viable solutions

Hardcastle Values

Research Driven!

We spend a fixed revenue on R&D. Thats how much we believe in our Products and shaping the future of Geographic Information System (GIS)



We have a dynamic workforce with experts in geographic science, software development, and data analytics from 10 countries.


More than 10,000 users are using our products and softwares.

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