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Safety and security and considered a critical issue in railways. Applying geographic information system (GIS) and Global Positioning System (GPS) in the railway becomes very important. Web-based GIS makes it easy to exchange information and create better public communication through the Web site. It helps to plan for a trip by checking train times, stations and different lines between stations. This is done through the Web site of the railway organization, which contains maps and databases. Therefore, in this paper, the presented research work concentrates on using GIS to retrieve any data related to railway. This is done in real-time at anywhere. Furthermore, it is easy to access information and check its validity through the Internet.


In addition to maintaining infrastructure network information, railway organizations are trying to use GIS for decision support operations. Because advanced technology provides interoperability support, it can be used to create a comprehensive railway information system that supports all critical business processes. Railway organizations make use of GIS and advanced technology to perfectly monitor safety and security. Because they are responsible for ensuring the safety and security of railway passengers, railway managers need for rapid response information systems to avoid incidents. The main objective of this research work is to create an efficient railway GIS that makes trains go automatic without human intervention to avoid human mistakes that may cause a lot of accidents.


Infrastructure management and maintenance planning

bullet Bridges, tunnels, and track networks

bullet Communications and signaling networks

bullet Electric power distribution networks

bullet Rail yards and other campus facilities

Real estate management

bullet Valuation maps

bullet Lease and tenant management

Rolling stock management

bullet Locomotive health and well-being

bullet Shipment and asset tracking

Safety and security

bullet Incident tracking

bullet Response management

bullet Safety planning

bullet Access management

bullet Risk assessment

Design and construction

bullet Environmental compliance

bullet Capacity modeling

bullet ROW acquisition

Supply chain analysis

bullet Commodity flow history

bullet Marketing analysis

Passenger information systems

Intermodal management

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