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GIS is needed improve operations and service to citizens. GIS provides a common platform for data sharing, which enhances workflow, decision making, and coordination across the state and with federal and local government. GIS consistently delivers a return on investment including cost avoidance; time savings; increased accuracy, productivity, and revenue; and better decision making.

GIS provides data management, collaborative mapping tools, better asset and work order management, and easier planning and prioritization. This delivers cost-effective solutions to engage your citizens, and mobilize your workforce, giving your key decision-makers the tools they need to serve the public.


bullet Citizen Engagement

bullet Tax Parcel & Land Management

bullet Address Management

bullet Emergency Response

bullet Urban and Muncipalities:

- Property tax mapping

- Urban land use mapping

- Slum area mapping

- Municipal GIS applications

- Web GIS applications

bullet Land Administration:

- Cadastral mapping and Integrated Land records

- Land use and forestry cover mapping

- Topography and Geology mapping

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