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Real impact starts with data insights that help businesses make better decisions.

McKinsey & Company is a global management consulting firm that serves leading businesses, governments, non-governmental organizations, and not-for-profits.
Brief - Businesses around the world conduct surveys to analyse consumer profiles and use the analysis for various business decisions. Mckinsey & Co. required a digital survey application that would –

1. Generate Unbiased Questionnaires
2. Generate a feature wise analysis
3. Analyse the answers automatically
4. Be Easy to Use
5. Be Compatible across all devices.

Core Competencies:
1) ETL – Extract, Transform and load.
2) Business Intelligence
3) Predictive modelling

Alive 2.0 is a Tool which was developed for Mckinsey & Company, it comprises of flash card or survey card generation. This Application is developed for Web and Mobile Platform.
This application is developed on R Programming and has custom data modeling such as feature prioritization using Maxdiff. Common Application of this tool includes Message Testing, Brand Preference, Customer Satisfaction and Product Features Mapping. The Admins can design their own surveys and request the clients to take the survey to understand user behavior.
Below were the challenges we faced-

1. There was no readymade model and a set method which could be used to design the questionnaire devoid of biased questions and options.
2. The Surveys had to be customized to match industry standards.

How we overcame the Challenge-
We developed our own model from scratch and applied the MaxDiff mathematical model and feature prioritization to achieve unbiased server generated surveys using R Programming as our core competency.


With Alive 2.0 we could understand that survey and predictive models demonstrate greater discrimination among items and between respondents on the items. This is an extremely valuable property for research studies as these surveys and output graphs help us in understanding the users’ mindset regarding various brands and products in the markets.
The App generates questionnaire forms based on the MaxDiff model and Results are shown in terms of weighted analysis for each product or feature of the product.

1. The App generates calculated and unbiased questionnaires.
2. This results in analysis that is automatically calculated by the server.
3. Analysis of each feature is available.
4. The app is user friendly
5. The app is compatible across all operating systems.
The Flashcard Generation Application was signed up for by 14 of McKinsey’s major clients the day it was pitched in and the number has just been increasing since then.

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