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Banking is a very competitive business in a personal way, where;

bullet People are more than numbers.

bullet Records in a database, or account codes.

bullet Detailed customer information.

bullet Linking clients to preferences and likely activities.

These days Market share and Brand recognition alone aren't enough to attract and retain customers. Banks can be much more successful in designing products and services that best fit their most customer's needs and Banks are now turning to GIS to help them understand their data better than ever.

GIS can be used in the following areas:


These include, but not limited to, selecting new branch sites, identifying risks associated with closing a branch, executing targeted marketing campaigns, navigating customers to ward their locations, gaining better insights into markets served.

Sales & Marketing

GIS affords the banking industry the ability to know where their customers are, what they buy, how much they spend, and their demographic information. By using this data, banks and financial institutions can identify which financial products and services will best fit their customer’s needs. From this information, they are also able to specifically target portions of their customer base for specialized services.


Asset Management

bullet Enhance your understanding on the availability of resources.

bullet Helps in understanding the Population Growth/decline.

Market Analysis/Research

bullet Grow line-of-business collaboration across departments with economic forecasts, neighborhood studies, and territory analysis.

bullet Increase your market understanding based on a single, common view of business performance using geo extended workflow and business processes.

Operations Management

bullet Reduce business complexity through a more accurate analysis of real-world market conditions.

bullet Improve profitability and operational performance by sharing knowledge-based decision making across departments

Regulatory Compliance

bullet By utilizing GIS, banks are able to provide the detailed reporting required without dedicating significant time and resources.

bullet Enhance your understanding of risk, customer interaction, and economic conditions using spatial models based on geography and geo demographics.

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