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Web-GIS Tool for estimating the Rooftop Solar Power potential

the overview



Solar PV is emerging in urban and peri-urban sectors and rooftop PV has a huge potential. Ministry of New and Renewable Energy (MNRE) as well as other state level agencies are coming with various rooftop programs and certainly private developers and integrators are looking this as one of the market and opportunities. To develop a sustainable model for our Indian solar cities, we also need to concentrate in promoting the green buildings. Green building is the practice of maximizing the usage of a building's resources i.e., rooftop solar photovoltaic system, solar water heater etc. while reducing the environmental impact throughout its life cycle.

To promote solar rooftop systems, especially in Indian solar cities, there is a need for a tool to showcase solar resource potential in a user-friendly format so that users can investigate their locations of interest and perform pre-processed analysis. GIS is the obvious tool to achieve this because it provides visual reference - a map of the entire city showing the buildings those have solar installation potential. An important part of every web-based GIS tool is its mapping or, visualization technology, which makes it possible to show data in the form of maps. The project exercise includes the following work packages:


bullet Work Package I: Collection of Spatial and Non-Spatial Datasets in the context of Rooftop and Ground Survey (on a sampling basis) for data validations;

bullet Work Package II: Choosing an appropriate GIS Mapping Technology and Develop Software Architecture and Functions (including Spatial Analysis) to be incorporated into Web-GIS tool;

bullet Work Package III: Selection of an appropriate Database Management System (DBMS) and Creation of Geospatial Database;

bullet Work Package IV: Choosing the appropriate Development Platform, Develop a Rich Internet Application (RIA) and Hosting;

bullet Work Package V: Conducting Technical Trainings and Workshops to disseminate the usage of this proposed Web-GIS tool.

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