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Utility Spot Billing

the overview



Spot billing is a revolutionary solution devised with the intention of enabling the power distribution utilities to streamline and implement an effective metering and billing system, improve cash flows and to make the processes customer- centric. Hardcastle GIS Solutions Pvt. Ltd. provides turnkey solutions for water, sewage and other spot billing according to your needs, collection and server side solutions for day-to-day reporting/MIS. The billing engine runs right within the device with capability to generate bills due for the last several years. Transactions carried out on the POS/Hand-held terminal are sent to the server transparently using GSM/GPRS technology.

Pune Municipal Corporation Sewage Board is responsible for the supply of potable water including planning, design, construction, maintenance, operation, management of water supply system. The Board also provides around the clock sewer and storm drain service and maintenance for the consumers. PMC has decided to implement Spot Billing Machines (SBM) for generation of bills and receipts. The spot billing machines are to be fully integrated with the Board's central servers to facilitate monitoring and viewing of all revenue collection information online.


Salient features

bulletDevice is auto- updatable. Software upgradation can be carried out remotely.

bulletDevices can be controlled remotely for administrative, maintenance/ security needs.

bulletCan be installed in any hand set (smart phones, Tablet, PC) of any make with higher version of Android o/s.

bulletAttached Blue-tooth printer can print the receipt immediately for payment.

bulletHas QR Scanner and Auto Signature generator for ease of use.

bulletIt reduces manpower and increases efficiency and accuracy

bulletData collection and billing in single visit to consumer.

bulletEffective billing is vital for enhanced revenue management.

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