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E-Governance Tools for PMC

the overview



Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC) is the governing structure of Pune, one of India’s fastest growing cities and also nominated as Smart City by the Central Government. Taking forward the agenda of Smart City and ‘Ease of doing Business’, PMC decided to implement e-Governance initiatives to ensure transparency, faster online service delivery and mapping of assets to benefit the common citizen.

We also created a Public Works Management System by scanning and digitizing each and every contract given by GIDC till date and linking it on GIS. This would produce all the details of the job, vendor, maintenance contract, penalty clause and more at the click of a button.

We developed a basket of GIS Tools and Mobile Applications to make legal processes and documentation faster. For instance, the Automatic GIS Site Plan Generation would instantly generate a certificate on feeding the survey number.

The Building Permission which was based on AutoDCR was future-linked to GIS and Satellite Imagery for faster clearance. The Development Plan of the city was mapped on GIS to enable quicker and flawless processing. At this point, we continue building additional tools to help PMC reach its goals of Paperless Office in the coming months.

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