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Our GIS offerings provides different solutions to all the Buiness verticals and helps you get data


Our IT Verticals helps you build the data , Analyse the Data and Take decision using the Data


Our Mobility Solution helps clients carry the data/system in the pocket using our semenlessly system integration process

who we are

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Hardcastle GIS Solutions Pvt Ltd is a Company based in Pune and is managed by group of technocrats and management people with a global vision and thorough understanding of information technology and marketing. The company provides solutions in three important verticals i.e. GIS, IT and Mobile. The company comprises of young and dynamic people with full zeal and enthusiasm. We beleieve in innovating ideas and concepts. We have strong customer base of 200+ clients, present across 20 Countries. Hardcastle has expertise in providing custom solutions by using the latest technology.

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mission statement

solutions for everyone

At Hardcastle , we believe that our solution using perfect blend of geospatial and mobility solution , we can create a system which will deliver solution to all business verticals across industries . From Marinetime to Aerospace , from land Survey to Under Ground Survey, From Neculear Power Plants to retail outlets.

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our awards

Appreciation helps us deliver.

Hardcaslte in its journey , have achieved some milestones along the way which includes from State Government , Local Government ,Association with new age Startups to some of Fortune 500 Companies

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the strategy

Deserve , Deliver and Demand

At Hardcastle , the strategy is simple . We believe that we DESERVE the chance to change the lives of people using our solution , we have always believed in DELIVERING the best solution and finally our team demand's , delivers and deserve the best in the market.

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we provide solutions for all Verticals

what we offer

GIS Solutions

Using GIS, you can build a system which makes system easier to understand to a lay man

Mobility Solutions

Mobility Solutions helps you port out your main system into easily accessible infomration point

Custom Software

Our Software team builds solutions , which helps clients digitize their data,understand their data .

IOT Solutions

For IOT(Unternet of Things) , we have integrated some seamlessly solutions across different verticals and have Agriculture and Medical as focused verticals.

Data Analytics

For Data Analytics , we are developing which involves AI(Articial Intelligence) , NLP(Natural Language Processing) , Data Analytics tools , which helps make , take and communicate decision to the users.

Problem Solving

A lot of clients have problem in their own business , we use our system to help them address the problem , solve it and build a system out of it , which going forward allow them to increase their profablity and reduce turnaround time.
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