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In Public Works, Organization work to strengthen the country's infrastructure. You are responsible for many assets such as transportation and water infrastructure, fleets of vehicles, signs, and trees, to name a few. GIS gives you the data management and mapping tools you need for better asset and work order management, planning, and prioritization.

GIS applications helps pin pointing various asset for public works department.

Mobile GIS for Municipal Workflow

Use mobile GIS in Public Works for:

bullet Field Mapping Create, edit, and utilize GIS maps while in the field.

bullet Asset Inventories Create and maintain an inventory of asset locations and attribute information.

bullet Asset Maintenance Update asset location and condition and schedule maintenance.

bullet Inspections Maintain digital records and locations of field assets for legal code compliance and ticketing.


Managing Elections

Roads and Streets

Use GIS for more efficient

bullet Asset and pavement management

bullet Work order management

bullet Infrastructure evaluations

bullet Maintenance and repairs

bullet Sweeping and snow removal

bullet Construction

bullet Landscaping

bullet Striping and sign maintenance

Engaging Citizens

Parks and Grounds

Use GIS to improve

bullet Tree trimming activities

bullet Landscape and lawn maintenance

bullet Weed and pest abatement

bullet Equipment maintenance

bullet Revenue tracking

bullet Golf course maintenance

bullet Scheduling

bullet Marketing

bullet Community events


Manage Campaigns

Solid Waste

Use GIS to manage

bullet Landfill operations

bullet Service routes

bullet Trash pickup

bullet Recycling activities

bullet Hazardous waste

bullet Litter control

Redistricting and Precinct Allocation

Fleet Management

GIS is an integrating technology that helps you

bullet Manage variable costs and routing and scheduling effectively.

bullet Track your mobile assets in real time.

bullet Implement fuel-saving green initiatives to minimize carbon emissions.

bullet Meet customer expectations.

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