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GIS based Compensation Management Application

the overview



Gujarat Industrial Development Corporation (GIDC) one of India’s biggest Industrial Estate which spans for more than 200 estates all over the state and thousands of industrial assets needed a central infrastructure management and decision support system to increase the productivity and revenue model. Requirement-

1. A new system in place to support their plot transactions, payment schedule and engineering to prompt quick actions.
2. A new module to formulate better and effective strategies and "Ease of doing Business".

We developed a web and mobile based “Decision Support System” (DSS) which consists all the plots, industrial estates, roads and various other GIS layers. These layers were surveyed and mapped on GIS platform to create a database module for the GIDC digital support system. Public Works Management System was created by scanning and digitizing the entire data on paper given by GIDC till date and integrated with GIS platform.

This produced all the details of the job assigned, vendor’s management, maintenance contract, penalty clause and more at the click of a button. Data generated from existing as well as new systems would then be passed on to the GIS System, which would generate thematic maps to help officials and teams to take faster decisions. (Screenshots of the dashboard decided by Management)

Core Competencies:
Business Intelligence and Analytics
Infrastructure management
Decision Support System


1.All departments were able to visualize the attribute data on a GIS map which Resulted in faster Decision Making.
2. Productivity of on ground officers increased by 30% due to presence of DSS.
3.Revenue model was impacted in a very positive manner and increased by 20% in a year.
4. With its enhanced degree of efficiency and transparency, the system would be a landmark for industrial estates across the country. (Heat Map of Results in graphical representation).

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